Brow Saver Kit


Meet the hero kit your brows need.

Long gone are the days of waxing off brows to draw them back on or plucking them within an inch of their fluffy lives. Big, bold, and bushy is in and we couldn’t be happier about it but what if your brows are struggling to keep up? This kit is the answer.

Perfect For

Anyone struggling to get their brows to embrace the fluffy, natural look, or that needs a helping hand.

Need a hand choosing which mist?

This mist is made with witch Hazel, which will tone the skin and tighten your pores. What's not to love?

Looking for a lightweight mist that smells like a holiday in the sun and leaves you with a dewy radiant glow? you found it!

Soapbrows and Prep  Mist

Grab your favourite Prep Mist along with your WBCo.® applicator (The Brow Brush or bamboo spoolie). One spritz is more than enough as you don’t want the browsoap to get too wet. Use the applicator to gather some product until it becomes paste-like then coat your eyebrow hairs. Leave for a minute or so then go back and shape. Now reach for your phone and take a selfie because your brows are killing it.

Brow Elixir

Use the magic wand to distribute the elixir on each brow, ensuring that you coat every hair, from root to tip. Brush through your eyebrows, using a circular motion to stimulate microcirculation and get those follicles going.
 Use on clean brows before bed, so it can work its magic while you get your beauty sleep.

Soap Brows  (25g) the original brow soap that broke the internet

A Prep Mist (30ml) of your choice, that has been specifically formulated to activate your Soap Brows® and will give you the very best results. It also doubles up as a facial mist to prep the skin before makeup application

Brow Elixir (8ml) to help stimulate dormant hair follicles and grow beautiful brows

A cute Bamboo Spoolie which are much kinder to the environment


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