Get smoother, shinier hair with high volume on the go! Our ultra-lightweight hairbrush is a dream come true for the hair-loving jet-setter, keeping your carry-on light and giving your arms a rest!

Combining our unique mix of nylon & boar bristles with a recycled cork anti-slip grip handle, the Hi-Volume Hair Brush can withstand the high temperature of your blow-dry as well as the pulling and rolling of your hair. The ridged anti-slip grip handle provides you with maximum control to achieve your best (and biggest!) hair yet.

  • Unique Mixed Nylon Bristles

  • Lightweight yet Durable

  • Gentle To Your Hair

  • Volumizing & Anti-Frizz

  • Anti-Slip Grip Cork Handle


Turn up the volume! This 1.1” barrel brush is lightweight yet durable with high heat resistance for fast & effortless styling. Gentle on your hair with a recycled cork anti-slip grip handle that won’t snag or pull your hair while providing you with the maximum control for the perfect blow-dry.

Blow-Dry Essential

Gentle & Smooth

Cruelty Free

Anti-Slip Better Grip

Volumizing & Anti-Frizz

Ready for salon worthy hair in an instant? Blast hair with a blow-dryer until it’s 80% dry. Take small to medium section of hair and place the HI-Volume Hair Brush to the roots of your strands. Direct the heat from your dryer at the barrel and move the brush through your hair, directing heat at the barrel as you go!

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