Ms.W Face Massager Anti Wrinkles


What is it: The Ms.W facial massager will boost the effectiveness of your favorite serums, facial creams, or essential oils.

This massager creates ''heat'', which brings blood flow to the area. Combining 3 intensities massage, to take away trash of skin layer, and slow down skin aging.

This owned a comfortable shape, during the process of pushing and lifting, skin becoming flatten and tighten

Accelerate the absorption of skincare product

Activate skin cell activity

Facelift, eye massage, wrinkle remove

    Apply some skin care products on neck and face 

    Use the massage head close to neck, lift from bottom several times 

    Then fit the face skin and lift, make skin tightened Lift along the wrinkles, remove double chin, smile lines, eye wrinkles and activates skin

    Three functions in three modes
    • 3 speeds use random switching.
    • Memory function: device will enter last time use mode automatically when turn on again
    • Warming intelligent reminder function: 60 s' sound remind help you adjust massage time easily
    • USB cable charging, easy and portable
    First gear Blue indicator light:
    • vibration frequency at 6200times/min.
    • Tightens loose skin.
    • Suitable for oily and sensitive skin.
    Second gear Green indicator light
    • 9500 times/min vibration frequency.
    • Magnetic heat at 45℃ temperature.
    • Promotes skin surface microcirculation.
    • Fights edema and calms skin.
    Third gear Red indicator light
    • 12500 times/min vibration frequency.
    • Improves blood circulation.
    • Eliminates wrinkles.
    • Restores natural skin color.

    Preorder Items Shipping Time Varies between 14 to 20 days 

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