Multi-Active Hydrating Night Cream For Face

Cosmedica Skincare Multi-Active Hydrating Night Cream is formulated with corrective active ingredients to target the factors of aging. Soothing organic aloe and botanical hyaluronic acid provide the ultimate in hydration while alpha-hydroxy acids repair and rejuvenate to reveal visibly firm, toned, and refined skin.

Designed to revive your complexion while you sleep, Cosmedica Multi-Active Hydrating Night Cream detects, targets, and corrects signs of aging, while brightening the skin for an even, radiant tone. It also infuses the skin with vitamins and protective antioxidants, preventing damage from free radicals and environmental age-factors. Coenzyme Q10, along with hyaluronic acid, stimulates cell regeneration and collagen production, increasing skin elasticity and bringing out the best in your complexion. 

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