Peripera Ink Tint Serum - Glossy Finish


What is it: Peripera Ink Tint Serum can do it all. Experience a lip tint that brings the best in ink-grade coloration while still keeping your lips happy and hydrated.

Meet a 2-in-1 lip tint that is bursting with moisture-locking, 8-fold hyaluronic acids, and aqua ceramides that will make your lips feel as beautiful as they look.

Peripera ink tint serum is formulated to keep your lips looking vibrant all day long, providing vivid colors that stay bright and won’t budge. Keep your look fresh from morning to night.

    Apply a full coat to your lips then finish applying the rest of your makeup. With a clean tissue, wipe lips to leave behind a natural stained lip look. For extra shine, add a coat of clear lip gloss.

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