Behold, the holy trinity of brow kits is here.

The Brow Brush completes the set, much like Michelle completed Destiny’s Child (we see you girl), giving you all you need to create fluffy brushed up brows, groomed brows, or a more natural look. 

Perfect For

Anyone with eyebrows. Seriously.

Need a hand choosing which mist?

This mist is made with witch Hazel, which will tone the skin and tighten your pores. What's not to love?

Looking for a lightweight mist that smells like a holiday in the sun and leaves you with a dewy radiant glow? you found it!

Soap Brows  (25g) the original brow soap that broke the internet

Prep Mist (30ml) of your choice, that has been specifically formulated to activate your Soap Brows® and will give you the very best results. It also doubles up as a facial mist to prep the skin before makeup application

West Barnco Brow Brush, with a bespoke Registered Design to help apply and style with minimal effort. 

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