Eye Cream Applicator and Skincare Spatula

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Take Your Skincare Routine to the Next Level

Work in product with ease with our no tug under eye-roller for dark circles and puffiness. Increase the cleanliness and hygiene of your skincare routine with our skincare spatula This skincare application kit is the perfect addition to any skincare lover’s routine. 

Say Goodbye to Dirty Skincare Containers and Stop Acne Caused by Bacteria

It’s never a good idea to stick your fingers into your skincare jar. Bacterial contamination in your skincare jars and containers can trigger acne, skin irritation, and even infection. This is especially true to individuals with sensitive skin who are prone to dermatitis/ eczema. Our skin care spatula works so you never have to stick your fingers and nails in your skincare containers. Preventing any contamination and acne caused by bacteria. 

Prevent Wrinkles with Our No Tug Facial Cream Applicator

The way you are applying eye cream could be giving you wrinkles. The number one rule of applying eye cream is to never pull on your skin. There are tiny blood vessels under the skin around your eyes, and being rough with excessive rubbing can cause dark circles, puffy eyes, and even premature wrinkles. Our eye cream massage applicator allows you to gently apply your eye cream and other skincare products with no tugging or pulling. 

The Perfect Sustainable Alternative 

Made with durable zinc alloy, our eye cream applicator, and skincare spatula can easily be cleaned, are reusable, and made with recyclable materials. It’s the ideal size for applying masks, moisturizers, and eye masks. The perfect alternative to plastic spatulas. 

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