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Hydro Cushion Blusher


What is it : Cushion blush that brightens and shines brightly with vibrant colors


  • A cushion type liquid blusher optimized for cushion foundation base makeup which delivered  a natural glow and colors with great adherence 
  • Blooming finish effect with Lightflects which enables brighter color formation on reapplication 
  • It can use as a regular blusher as well as a dark circle brightener to tone-up dull-looking under-eye area
  • Contains Radiance intense powder with excellent adherence and a smooth finish 
  • Contains ultra-low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that thoroughly fills in inner skin for moisture-plumped cheeks 


If you push the cushion firmly, it may come out too much. Lightly touch and thin it to make a natural blusher makeup.

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