Diamond Buff

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What is It: The patented Diamondbuff TM Microdermabrasion Tool, utilized by experts and now accessible for home use, is constructed of surgical-grade stainless steel and finely crushed diamonds.

How It Works

  • Instantly gives the skin a velvety smooth texture.
  • Enhances the look of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Helps to reduce pigmentation and balance out skin tone.
  • Reduces and smoothes face scars, including acne scars.
  • Aids in skin tightening and firming.
  • Gives you a complexion that resembles porcelain and helps to eliminate clogged and enlarged pores.
  • Reduces the number of acne lesions.
  • Aids in skin regeneration after sun damage.
  • Smoother application of makeup results in a beautiful finish!


  • Diamondbuff Large 1 "A larger surface area can be exfoliated thanks to the diamond head's diameter.
  • Secure and unobtrusive
  • without using suction
  • May be used to damp or dry skin; for greatest effects, apply to damp skin.
  • Suitable for use in the shower
  • portable and small
  • simple to store
  • Safe for dishwasher
  • simple to clean
  • No unsightly cables, batteries, or spare parts
  • There are no ongoing maintenance fees
  • 5-3/4"L x 1"W x 1/2"approximately 

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