Brightening Peeling Gel

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What is it: A hypoallergenic peeling gel for a mild exfoliation. Clinically tested to be effective in brightening skin tone and removing dead skin cells. With naturally derived cellulose to leave a refreshing finish after peeling

  • Gentle exfoliator with vitamin brightening effect
  • Contains natural moisture-rich cellulose
  • Arranges the skin moisturized and radiant

    Smooth care of dead skin cell without irritation on skin: Natural cellulose, that contains rich moisture, smoothly applies and eliminate old dead skin cell.

    Skin brightening effect: Vitamin C, E gives a brightening effect and black willow gives a skin-clearing effect which can give you a clean and bright skin tone. Moisturized and transparent skin texture: Low stimulated natural peeling effect with soothing and moisturizing effect ingredients of honey, trehalose, and hollyhock help skin became moisturized and trans parented.