Underarm Whitening Cream


What is it: Whitening Cream formulated with highly effective ingredients that whiten the skin on your body. You can use this cream on your underarm/armpit, knees, elbows, areola, nipple, neck, lips, and other private areas.

Made with all-natural quality plant-based ingredients and Skin Whitening Peptide advanced brightening complex, does not contain any harmful ingredients and is proven to provide fast and satisfactory results.

This whitening cream does not irritate skin and is extra gentle on the most sensitive skin and areas of your body.

In addition to brightening skin tone, also repairs and hydrates skin for a more youthful radiance. Skin will feel and appear more firm, supple and smooth.

    1. Clean and Dry skin
    2. Apply and massage into skin until fully absorbed
    3. For optimal Results , use twice a day in the morning and the evening

    Glycerol To make skin nice and moist, soft and supple as well as heal and protect your skin keeping it healthy and bright. 

    Hydrolyzed Collagen Different from regular collagen. It can more naturally be absorbed by your skin for radiant skin and to repair thick pores

    Bamboo Charcoal To help remove dirt, dust, chemicals, toxins, peculiar smells and resist new bacteria from forming. Perfect for Summer, Vacation, Weddings, Graduation, and more

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