Clio Pro

Waterproof Brush liner kill Brown


What is it: Convenient eyeliner that slides seamlessly from one end to the other with an ink tank type, Ultra Fine Detailed and clean lines with the ultra-fine bristled, elastic brush.

This smudge-proof liner stays put without smearing or smudging

Precision Felt-Tip Applicator: The flexible brush tip delivers sharp and smooth lines. Super easy to use, even for beginners!

Long-Lasting Formula: Improved film formula that won’t flake or smudge. It dries quickly and stays on throughout the day, so you won’t need to worry about doing any touch-ups!

Before painting the eyeliner, use your fingers to apply some loose
powder on the skin around the eyelashes, especially the corners of the eyes,
to achieve a fixed makeup effect. Refining the eyeliner
after fixing the makeup is not easy to smudge makeup.

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